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Things do wear out, things do break down. We are here to repair and fix things when you need them, without the astronomical costs! Call. Chat. Email. Text. We're here for you.

Why Crowdfixing?

With GoFxit’s crowdfixing concept, you only pay one subscription fee for any repair. No deductibles.

Let’s Make Things Better

The GoFxit PRO crowdfixing concept is designed to create better conditions for property owners and landlords to pay for property repairs through a collective subscription pool. With quick response times, local vendors, and excellent customer service; subscribers save thousands annually on property repairs.

Enjoy the rewards of homeownership. Eliminate the hassle.

All Plumbing repairs

All Electrical repairs

All Appliance repairs

One monthly subscription

No Trade Fees

No additional service fees

Local insured vendors

Option to use your own vendors

24 hour on call Property Repair Operator

Rapid Response Team

No out of pocket costs for repairs

Unlimited subscription usage

One subscription fee per unit

Minimize Property Repair Expenses

For Landlords:

Minimize property expense

Reliable local vendors of your choice

Tenant Customer Service Operator

Unlimited Property Listing Websites

Listing posted on Craigslist and Zillow

Property Manager Assistant

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