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Things do wear out, things do break down. We are here to repair and fix things when you need them, without the astronomical costs! Call. Chat. Email. Text. We're here for you.
Tailor-Made for Your Vacation Rental Business
Gofxit!® is the easiest & most affordable way of protecting yourself and your wallet from unexpected breakdowns. Gofxit!® is the frugal way to vacation rental property repair issues. Need it fixed? Now get it fixed. With Gofxit!®
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One Monthly Subscription.

GoFxit is the one source for all of your property maintenance needs.

Benefits Included
No charges or deductibles
Simple, straightforward monthly subscription plan
Dependable and timely service from local vendors
One easy contact for all repairs

Gofxit!® will take care of all of your repairs with your monthly subscription without any additional fees. This is the most convenient way of keeping your property maintenance checklist in order.


Work On Your Growing Business With Absolute Peace of Mind.

Repair issues should be simple & affordable to complete.

GoFxit! handles all home repair issues from water leaks to broken light fixtures. We come together each day to fulfill the promise we have to our clients in offering the single most comprehensive repair subscription service for their properties. In short, our team members are here to help you with your property repairs because you have more important things to focus on. To that end, we keep customers at the center of everything we do.

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Join the Gofxit club and protect yourself and your wallet from unexpected breakdowns.
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Need it Fixed?

GoFxit makes sure you don’t waste a single dollar on repairs.

Our idea was to solve a problem that all property managers face- Expensive Repairs. You may be tempted to delay or even skip minor home maintenance repairs, cleaning jobs and inspections. But it really is important to not be penny-wise and dollar-foolish. That $200 or $300 that you save today could result in expenditures of $3,000 or even tens of thousands next month or next year if hidden problems in the home go unnoticed and become worse. The solution? A company that includes all maintenance issue costs within one- affordable monthly payment.

Washer & Dryer

Garbage Disposal

Clogged Drains


Air Duct


Stove & Oven

Water Heater

And More


Is GoFxit Really That Good?

Hey, don’t take it from us. Hear what our amazing clients have to say.


This has been a great company to work with, very supportive. Very quick to answer questions. I would recommend.

– Matthew, Nashville

Prompt service and repairs in hours or a day. And I have never paid a dollar out of pocket.

– Martin-Philadelphia

Excellent support! Answers all my questions and gets repairs done very quickly!

– Christopher-Greenville

Just awesome and the support team is world class. These guys have went above and beyond the call of duty to assist me. Two thumbs up and highly recommend…

– Forest- Seattle

If you are an investor, go for it.The support from the team is really great and they are here to help you with any of your issues.

– Andrea- Dallas

Absolutely awesome! Saved so much money on repairs! Plus the fastest support I ever experienced.

– Luis-Garden City
Ready to GoFxit?
Whether you have one single vacation rental unit, or multiple vacation rental units, you can be sure you’ll find absolutely everything you need to maintain your vacation rental property. So why wait? Get GoFxit today and never worry about a property repair again.
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