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The GoFxit PRO service is built for better customer relationships. Own the rental home. Not the hassle.

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Reinventing the Way you Manage Property.

Support Team
Dedicated customer service and account management team.
Local Vendors
We work with local, vetted technicians to care for your home.
Well Documented
We document every maintenance event for your records.
Unlimited On-Demand
One source for all of your property, maintenance, and repair needs.
Rapid Response Team
Team responds to maintenance calls promptly.
One Monthly Price
No out-of-pocket costs for repairs.
Rapid Response Team

Enjoy Hands-Off tenant management.

The GoFxit Rapid Response Team is in-between the tenant and you, the owner. We are the “first line of defense” and we are there to protect you, to handle all repair and maintenance issues so efficiently that irate tenants or service providers are not calling you in the middle of the night. And your reputation as a landlord or property manager remains intact.

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One monthly subscription covers all of your plumbing, appliance, and electrical repair issues. With no additional out-pocket-costs! Plus an on-call rapid response team!

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