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Things do wear out, things do break down. We are here to repair and fix things when you need them, without the astronomical costs! Call. Chat. Email. Text. We're here for you.

How does it work?

The rule of thumb is that repairs and maintenance will cost one percent of the purchase price per year. But it does not have to! GoFxit is specifically designed to eliminate the hassle of expensive repairs. Here is how it works:

Choose the plan that suits your needs and subscribe online to begin service. Simple, straightforward subscription that allows you to pay for your repair plan with a convenient monthly payment.


Request a repair service either via email, phone call or chat. Your GoFxit Pro will be happy to assist you and schedule an appointment for you quickly.

Choose a Vendor

You can opt to work with a vendor that you are familiar with and have worked with before. Or you can have a GoFxit Pro schedule an appointment with an insured and reputable local vendor on your behalf. The choice is yours.


GoFxit pays service invoices directly to the certified repair vendor. You will never pay out of pocket for a service fee. One monthly subscription pays for all of your repair needs.


Easy to subscribe. No charges and No deductibles.

The one source for all of your property, maintenance, and repair needs. Perfect for Homeowners and Property Managers, and Landlords.

Gofxit!® provides you with services which include repair of normal wear & tear of your plumbing, electrical, appliances, electronics and more. Gofxit!® will take care of all of your repairs with your monthly subscription without any additional fees. This is the most convenient way of keeping your home maintenance checklist in order.


Join the Worry-Free Home Repair club

Join the club and protect yourself and your wallet from unexpected breakdowns. Gofxit! ensures this the frugal way to home repair issues. A GoFxit Subscription is a small price to pay for big results! Need it fixed? Now get it fixed. With GoFxit!
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