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General Questions

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GoFxit! helps homeowners enjoy life without the cost and hassle of unexpected home repairs. With a monthly subscription of only $99.99, we cover everything from heating issues to plumbing, to electrical and everything in between. Need it fixed? Get it fixed. The frugal way!

Gofxit! will send out a service professional as quickly as possible to your home and we promise to begin services for non-emergencies in no more than 48 hours after the request is processed. For an emergency issue, we will make all reasonable effort to start service within 24 hours after the request for service is submitted.

There is a 20 day waiting period once your subscription begins.

The limit on the number of times you may use the service is 3 per month maximum. Please see the Terms & Conditions to view detailed information about limits. WE DO NOT replace items as we are not a home warranty service.

The Gofxit! service can help home buyers feel secure in knowing that they will have a repair service on hand in the event of a sudden breakdown to an appliance or home system. When you sell your home, your home repair service can be reassigned to the new homeowners. The transfer fee is only $29.

We do not replace service items. We are not a warranty company. If the item can not be repaired we will suggest replacement options; where you can purchase a new item.

Other Questions

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• No charges or deductibles
• 24/7 online or phone scheduling of repair appointments
• Dependable and timely* service from local vendors
• One easy contact for all repairs
• Simple, straightforward monthly subscription plan

• Dishwasher installation
• Replace ceiling fan
• Garbage disposal install
• Install microwave
• Replacing a light fixture
• Air Duct and Vent Cleaning
• Garage Door Repair

The GoFxit Property Maintenance Manager is in-between the tenant and you, the owner. We are the “first line of defense” and we are there to protect you, to handle all repair and maintenance issues so efficiently that irate tenants or service providers are not calling you in the middle of the night. And your reputation as a landlord or property manager remains intact.

Yes. Gofxit! works with local technicians to care for your home. Every vendor we work with is fully licensed and vetted.

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