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Things do wear out, things do break down. We are here to repair and fix things when you need them, without the astronomical costs! Call. Chat. Email. Text. We're here for you.

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Our Mission: Building Community

Serving our Community

Serving our community and creating #happyclients -our mission, our goal.

GoFxit Pro was started quite organically. After many years working in the property management and property investment industry; we realized early on that managing property repair requests and executing affordable repairs were always on the top priority list of property owners. We thought; “is there not a better way to achieve better results?” So we set out to solve a problem. Fill a need; in the homeowner and property management sector. Designing a perfect repair management plan that would help both the homeowner and landlord enjoy homeownership again. When we were done, we realized that we developed a service that was not available before. The service itself was an affordable and frugal way for a property owner to repair and maintain their home without any out of pocket costs. Simply, one affordable monthly subscription payment covering all repair and maintenance needs.

When it comes to our company, our vision was to create a company with a great team and to make a positive difference in homeownership. We have a big vision, a tremendous amount of creativity and drive, and a driving desire to make a powerfully positive difference in each clients’ life. We consider our customers; happy guests (#happyclient). We define a #happyclient as a customer that we positively supported and have met their needs. Our company culture is designed for you, the happy guest, to reach his or her goals. So how can we help you become a #happyclient?

Our Services

No out of pocket costs

Rapid Response Team

Schedule repairs from local vendors

Washer and Dryer Repair

Plumbing issues

Appliance Issues

Annual Checks

Electrical and Wiring Repair

Carbon/ Smoke Detectors

Room thermostats

Heating Issues

Annual Boiler Service

GoFxit!® repairs everything from plumbing, electrical, appliances, and more.
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