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Things do wear out, things do break down. We are here to repair and fix things when you need them, without the astronomical costs! Call. Chat. Email. Text. We're here for you.
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The crowdfixing platform for the modern homeowner; that saves members thousands annually on property repairs. Join Today!
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Crowdfixing: Home repair designed for the frugal, modern homeowner!

Crowdfixing: The Community of Property Owners

Our simple idea was to solve a problem that all property owners face- Unexpected, Expensive Repairs. By bringing together homeowners and landlords, we were able to create a crowdfixing community to provide services when they were needed NOT when you could afford them. From toilet clogs to wiring issues, to appliance repairs; GoFxit saves homeowners thousands annually on repairs.

Washer & Dryer

Garbage Disposal

Clogged Drains


Water Heater

And so much more!

Easy & Simple - No Deductibles!

By creating a community of property owners; GoFxit taps into the collective efforts of a large pool of individuals requiring property repairs. With a small monthly subscription the network benefits from quick response times, local vendors, no additional repair fees, and excellent customer service. Compared to traditional methods of maintaining and repairing a property; subscribers save thousands annually on property repairs.

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Preventative Maintenance

Repairs and corrective actions are required when things break or cease to function as intended. GoFxit is your first line of defense to get things back up and running quickly and with NO out of pocket expenses.
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No Deductibles

One monthly subscription covers all of your plumbing, appliance, and electrical repair issues. With no additional out pocket costs for you!
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A New Way 

GoFxit PRO is the first complete modern repair service for property owners. Repair issues have always been an expensive process. We want to change the way home maintenance works.
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Save Money

With GoFxit, you only pay one monthly subscription fee for all repairs. No trade fees. No deductibles. Nothing.

Save Time

With quick response times, local vendors, and excellent customer service; you will never spend hours searching for an vendor to assist you.

All Repairs

GoFxit works with your own vendor or connects you with a local vendor. All appliances, electrical, and plumbing repairs are included with your subscription.

No To Do List

No more to do lists needed. Now you can enjoy the rewards of homeownership. And eliminate the hassles.

Questions and Answers

Home Maintenance and the Value of Your Home

Just like your need for an annual physical at the doctor’s office or your automobile’s need for a tune up and oil change, you should rely on a professional to give your home regular checkups. Proper up-keep can protect against costly future ailments, enhance curb appeal, ensure safety and maintain the value of your home.

Do you employ your own plumbers, electricians, and technicians?

No. We network with a large number of vendors in every city that we service.  We only work with insured vendors to provide you with the best service possible.

Is there a trade fee or call-out service charge?

No. The only fee that you pay is your monthly subscription fee.

How long does it take to get service?

Gofxit!® will send out a service professional as quickly as possible to your home and we promise to begin services for non-emergencies in no more than 48 hours after the request is processed. For an emergency issue, we will make all reasonable effort to start service within 24 hours after the request for service is submitted.

What cities are subscriptions available in?

Subscription service is available throughout the United States, Canada, Australia, England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. More regions to come online soon.

Is there a wait-period?

We have a 10-day wait period to help protect us from pre-existing conditions. This waiting period helps to keep plan costs down since we do not perform an inspection to determine the condition of your appliances and systems.

May I pay annually?

Yes.  Please call team support to set up an annual payment.

Why is the subscription 12 months?

In order to allow us to keep our subscription rates as low as possible and still ensure extraordinary service, we have set a 12 month service period.

How many times may I use my subscription?

There is no set limit on the number of times you may use your subscription. If you need help with a repair simply call us.

Can I use my own contractor?

Yes, you may choose your own contractors. Just let your Gofxit Pro know that you would like to use your own contractor and make sure that your contractor calls in for authorization prior to completing any repairs.  If you choose your own contractor, they must be licensed and offer a warranty on the service that they provide. 

Are there any other fess associated with the subscription?

There are absolutely no additional fees besides your monthly subscription.

What repairs does the subscription cover?

Your subscription provides repairs for many appliances and systems within your home; including refrigerators, ice-makers, washers, dryers, electronics, sewer and water lines and more.

Why use Gofxit?

Gofxit!® works with local technicians to care for your home. We ensure that your problem is resolved within 48 hours of registering your repair ticket- sometime sooner. Gofxit!® eliminates out of pocket expenses for the homeowner & provide relief from paying any additional charge for the services rendered by the technician.

Crowdfixing: The Modern Way to Maintain Your Home

By creating a community of property owners; GoFxit taps into the collective efforts of a large pool of individuals requiring property repairs.

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Monthly Subscriptions

Enroll today and enjoy life without the cost and hassle of unexpected home repairs.
Plan One
All inclusive- all repairs of your plumbing and appliance issues. Never worry about repair costs again!
$ 49.99 Monthly
Plan Two
All inclusive- all repairs for plumbing, electrical, and appliance issues. Never worry about repair costs again!
$ 59.99 Monthly
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Plan Three
All inclusive- all repairs for plumbing, electrical, appliance, and heating issues. Never worry about repair costs again!
$ 79.99 Monthly
Landlord Plan
All inclusive- all repairs for plumbing, electrical, appliance, and heating issues. Never worry about repair costs again!
$ 99.99 Monthly
Our support team is here for you!

We strive to communicate clearly and when it comes to solving a customer problem, you become priority one. Your home is our priority. We take care of the issues, because we want to save you the hassle!

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